Meridies Heraldry
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08 Jun 2015

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  • Oaths ... The text for the oath of fealty to the Crown and the text for the sword oath for Crown List entrants.
  • Scrolls ... A set of pages for the Parchment Pursuivant.
  • Education ... A page for the Lantern Pursuivant.
  • Orientation ... A page for the Candle Pursuivant.
  • Commenting ... A page for the Lambent Herald. Guidelines for Requesting Commenting Privileges on OSCAR.
  • Submissions ... A page for the Pennon Herald and the Cypher Pursuivant. Advice and instructions for local heralds in Meridies on how to process submissions of names, devices, and badges for their clients. Updated: 31 Aug 2016
  • Lantern's List of Links ... Originally compiled by Cuhelyn Cam vap Morcant, former Lantern Pursuivant, this is a collection of links to Web sites considered useful for SCA heralds.
  • Lists and Tournaments ... A page for the Trumpet Herald.
  • Information for Local Group Heralds ... Reporting policy from Lucis, Beacon's expectations, links to the monthly report form, the herald's handbook, and more helpful articles on how to do the job.
  • Information on Members of Beacon's Staff ... A summary of who's who, their job responsibilities, when they took office, and designated successors. Updated: 09 Oct 2016

Links to external sites



  • Yahoo Group: meridies-heralds ... a moderated discussion list for SCA heraldry in Meridies; heralds in Meridies and other kingdoms discuss and check for conflicts on heraldic submissions and talk about heraldry and other topics; this is the primary computer-based tool that heralds in Meridies use to communicate with each other; this is also one of Beacon's tools for communicating with the heralds in the kingdom

    Also see these groups on Facebook: Meridies Heralds, Voice Heralds of Meridies, and SCA Heraldry Chat



  • Meridies Order of Precedence ... the awards database that the Clerk of Precedence maintains with hosting and technical support from Stentor (Master Alexander Ravenscroft); for information about awards and their precedence specific to Meridies, see Kingdom Law or Mistress Jessa's page for Meridies
  • Bagatelle Pursuivant's Site ... kingdom regalia, photo gallery, and instructions for making regalia
  • Award Recommendation Form ... also linked from the Kingdom Web site, the page has a form that you can use to nominate someone as a candidate to receive an award from the Crown of Meridies
  • How to submit an award recommendation ... a training video by Guntram von Köln
  • Yves' Pages on SCA Heraldry ... as archived on the Wayback Machine