Meridies Heraldry
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17 Dec 2014


The Parchment Pursuivant is Mara Palmer • email Parchment



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Scribe's handbook
The Meridian Scribes Handbook in DOC and PDF formats (last update: June 2005); also a link to the handbook for the Middle Kingdom
Preferences of the Crown and Heirs
When known, this page will list the preferences of the Crown and Their Heirs regarding the award scrolls They wish to bestow during Their reigns.
Scroll database and reference [future development]
Samples of different styles to help inspire you in your color choices
Kingdom heraldry [in development]
Depictions of the King and Queen's devices, Populace Badges, and Kingdom Flag
Period examples
A multitude of links to online museums, collections, and other sites you can visit to see a wealth of medieval illumination
Painting and packing advice
Suggestions on what to use and what not to use and how to get your scroll to the Crown safely
Scroll wordings
Wording that has been used on past original scrolls, with pictures of associated badges for awards
Updated: 03 Dec 2014
Class handouts [future development]
Handouts for classes on basic illumination and links to other sites with classe

You Can Help

For the beginning painter, if you are not someone who draws, talk to other scribes in your area to see if someone has already drawn scrolls that you can paint. You can also contact the Parchment Pursuivant to obtain scrolls that are ready for painting.


For the experienced painter, there are often higher-level scrolls (such as peerages) to be commissioned. Contact the Parchment Pursuivant to learn what is needed.


And for the calligrapher, you can add text to existing illumination or start with a blank page and leave enough room for a design to be added later.



The contents of the pages within represent the ongoing efforts and contributions of decades of scribes in Meridies. Previous versions were written and revised by Jennet of Tewkesbury, Finnegan Reid Paget, Katherine Radford of Dreywick, and Serena da Riva.


In these editions credit is given with the statement that information has been collected from Meridies Kingdom Law, The Herald's Handbook, The Manual of Styles for Scribes, and from the several works of William fitz John and Johannes the Black. Further credit is given as many thanks to Eryk Thurmansson for giving his time and effort to this project. Also thanked is Marthe Elsbeth of Oak Hill, the editor of the Manual of Styles for Scribes. Much of the information from the Manual was included in the Guidelines. The Manual was a tremendous help for the Meridian Scribe.