Beacon Principal Herald

As Beacon, I oversee heraldic activity in Meridies. It’s important to note that Beacon has several deputies who are in charge of different activities to add to the pageantry of our shared hobby. If you need to submit a name or device, speak to Cypher and Pennon. If you are interested in voice heraldry, go to Lighthouse. If you’re especially good at or would like to learn more about courts and how they function, speak to Torch. If you want to learn about running tournaments, contact Trumpet. Our Commenting herald is Lambent, and they are responsible for commenting on letters of intent for Meridies as well as other kingdoms. Lantern is our Education deputy. Arbor is in charge of our web page. Papyrus is our Archivist.

For all other questions, come see me. In addition to the activities above, heralds are expected to be fair witnesses just like our period counterparts.

I look forward to hearing from our heralds and populace. If there’s any way I or the bright heralds of Meridies can assist you please let us know.


Wu Yun daren

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