Beacon Principal Herald

As Beacon, I am always looking for new ways to promote heraldry. If you have ideas or suggestions, my door is always open. I will be happy to help you if you have questions, and we have a good number of resources available to make your job easier. I usually arrange for a “Herald’s Social” at Crown List, which is a great opportunity for everyone to meet and discuss a broad range of topics.

The Beacon Principal Herald is the chief heraldic officer for the kingdom and oversees all heraldic activities. This includes heralds at all the chapters and a number of officers on the kingdom level who handle specific duties. Heraldry is not limited to a position in a chapter or kingdom, an “At-Large” herald is someone who acts as a herald but does not hold an official office. At-Large heralds can be seen at most events adding to the great tapestry of our Kingdom and Society.

Beacon is a Greater Officer of State, and as such swears fealty to the Crown. Beacon is also expected to make most of kingdom level events, and is required at Crown Lists and Coronations. Part of the duties of the office include handling the warrants (which are the documents placing people in heraldic office) and going over the monthly reports to make sure everything is running smoothly, or if there is something or someone in need of assistance.

These pages have listed a number of people who are there to give you a hand in all sorts of heraldic matters. If you are not sure which one can help you, contact me and we’ll get you the assistance you need.


Beacon Principal Herald of Meridies

Signis Praeco Meridiei

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