Stallion’s Blood

The Order of the Stallion’s Blood


The Crown of Meridies  recognizes that the Kingdom of Meridies officially fields one singular army, comprised of Artisans, Support Staff, Water Bearers, Equestrians, Chivalric Fighters, Rapier Fighters, Siege Engineers, Archers, Weapons Masters, and Volunteers.  The Crown wishes recognize singular moments of great valor and bravery in war;  this award be open to citizens all ranks, all disciplines, and all kingdoms.

**This award may be given no more than twice per reign and preferably no more than once per reign to any single discipline**


Badge: There is no badge for this award


Regalia: A Brass ring, about 1/5 to 2 inches wide (wide enough to go around a typical belt) with a braid of white, black, and red strings.

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