Beacon Principal Herald

Flannait inghean ui hEighnigh

MKA – Tani Mough

Non omnia viscera ingloriosa! No Guts, No Glory!

As Beacon Principal Herald, I over see the College of Heralds for Meridies. This includes the “Staff” of Officers as well as all the local heralds in the Baronies, Shires and Cantons of the Kingdom. This is more an administrative position as well as keeping our College on track with Society College of Heralds. All new awards at Kingdom or Baronial go through the Beacon’s office and proceed through the system of approval at Kingdom and then Society. I am here to help with anything heraldic in the Kingdom and love to see the banners flying with the heraldry of the populace of the Kingdom. As I had to step back into this office after having stepped down in October of 2018, I will only be here until a qualified replacement can be found and installed this coming fall.

I began my heraldic journey as a voice herald at a Dreamstone event, hosted by the Barony of Bryn Madoc sometime in 2001 or so. While I have the basic knowledge of book heraldry as we call it, I have never really enjoyed that type of research. I am a bard by trade and so calling the fighters to the tourney field and making announcements to the populace is something I enjoy. I have had some time as a Court Herald, but despite being a theatre geek, I can not “Brag” as well as others about my Crown and Kingdom. I have been a member of our Society since April 2000 and have been a member of the Shire of Beau Fort (Gainesville, GA) since then. I have worked in many offices at the local level, run KLE events and have held Kingdom Deputy offices. In 2014 The Order of the Pelican called and TRM put their seal to my elevation at the first A&S/ Crown. If you want to know more, come find me at an event. I am happy to share my path of service and I also enjoy many different forms of art and am willing to share what I know in that area as well.

I can be reached at

Argent, on a bend vert between two pairs of theatrical masks conjoined in bend purpure a needle threaded argent.

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