Guidelines for Requesting Commenting Privileges on OSCAR

OSCAR (Online System for Commentary and Response) is a good place for new heralds to learn the submissions process and learn what is expected of commenters. Heraldic submissions are sent to OSCAR for heralds of the Kingdom and the Known World to offer their advice on being period appropriate, proper construction and documentation, and potential conflicts with other protected items. The provided commentary will be used to determine whether a submission is advanced or returned for further work.

To request access for commenting, set up an account on OSCAR. Then send a message via email to Beacon with your SCA and modern names, OSCAR email address, and requested access level (Kingdom, Society Read Only Commentary, or Society Write Commentary).

New commentators will be granted access to the kingdom letters first. Persons wishing External Commentary Privileges will need to either provide substantively useful commentary on Internal letters in four of the six previous months or  be a known competent commentator.

All comments are expected to provide a useful contribution to the discussion of submissions as noted in Sections VII, C, and E of the Administrative Handbook.

All commentators are expected to maintain civil discourse in commentary. Failure to do so will result in commenting privileges being suspended or terminated at the discretion of Beacon. If, at any point, Pennon, Laurel, Wreath, or Pelican request that you be removed as a commenter at any level, you will lose those commenting privileges.

Note: You may also request from Pennon to be added on the Meridies ILoI Yahoo list (Internal Letters of Intent) and send in Letters of Commentary directly to Pennon.

OSCAR is for commenting only, and is not to be used as a submissions tracking method. For submissions tracking, please contact the Cypher Pursuivant at

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