Submission Process

How does the submissions process work?

  1. After the client has provided everything required, the local herald mails the submission paperwork to Cypher.
  2. Each month, Cypher collects certain information from the submissions and prepares an ILOI. Anything received after the 21st will be processed the following month.
  3. Heralds from Meridies and other kingdoms go through the entries in the ILOI, reviewing the documentation and checking the submissions for conflicts.
  4. For each submission, Pennon either approves it or returns it for rework. For a return, Pennon contacts the local herald. Pennon also sends a summary of the approvals and returns to the Kingdom Chronicler for publication in the kingdom newsletter.
  5. Pennon sends the approved submissions to the College of Arms where heralds from all over the SCA have three months to review the submissions from all of the SCA kingdoms.
  6. In the following month, the Laurel Sovereign of Arms and his or her team review the submission and either register it, return it, or hold it as “pending” for additional review.

All told, a submission can be registered in about six to nine months.

What if a submission is returned?

If this happens, the client has up to one year to resubmit at no additional charge. Pennon typically informs the local herald about returned submissions within 60-90 days.

What if the Device/Badge passes but the Name does not?

If the device is passable but the name is not, the name submission will be returned and a “holding name” will be created so that the device can be registered at that time.

So, for instance, let us say that your client’s mundane name is John, he is from the Shire of Silver Moon, and you submitted the name Gunther MacIntyre for him. Let us say that Laurel wants to register the device but return the name. Laurel would create a holding name of John of Silver Moon and register John’s device under the holding name. When a resubmitted name is registered, the new name replaces the holding name and any devices or badges registered to the holding name are switched to the new name.

How do I handle a resubmission?

When resubmitting a name or device, please include a cover letter explaining when the original submission was made and include a copy of the return letter. Any other information you wish to provide about the return and the resubmission is also welcome. We will include it in the processing of your resubmission. New payment  is only required after the one-year free resubmission period has expired.

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