Local Heralds

Reports are due to Lucis on the 7th of each month and late on the 10th.  If your report will be late, please email, call or PM me as soon as possible.
THL Ellen Delacey

What the populace can ask you for

  • Help with researching, designing, and preparing a submission for a name, device, or badge
  • Help with correcting the online awards database and kingdom order of precedence
  • Contact an SCA herald on their behalf


Beacon’s expectations for local officers

  1. Be an active member of your group. This means attending meetings as often as possible. Your schedule should allow you to regularly attend the business meetings of your group – or right now probably isn’t a good time to be a local officer. This would also mean supporting your group’s events and other activities such as class nights, dance practice and perhaps even hanging out at fighter practice occasionally. The key to this expectation is that the members of your group have the chance to see you and talk with you about matters heraldic.
  2. Report the activity of your group each month to the designated kingdom officer. It is also my recommendation that you always copy your seneschal on your report.
  3. Be a paid member of the SCA. This should be a requirement to hold a local office.
  4. Join the meridies-heralds Yahoo Group and/or the Meridies Heralds Facebook group. These are the recognized message boards for announcements and updates for the College of Heralds. Both are very helpful, especially for new heralds.

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